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Alex Moussavi

I cannot say enough good things about Coach Don Johnsen. He is such a dynamic man!
When I started training with him, at the age of 62, I was quite uncoordinated, (I could barely jump rope!) Through intense one to one boxing lessons, I have gained physical strength and coordination that I never thought possible.
Coach Don is dedicated to physical fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals. His knowledge of boxing and general fitness, as well as his experience as a boxer is evident during every one of my training sessions.
Coach Don always motivates me and challenges me to do more than I think I can. I always leave my training sessions feeling great physically and mentally. Coach Don’s belief in and dedication to me has helped me realize that my physical abilities far exceed what I once believed.

Coach Don is truly an amazing person and trainer!

Trudy Miksits

I have never looked forward to going to the gym until I joined Best Fitness Kickboxing run by Coach Don Johnsen. Coach Don’s knowledge and pure passion for teaching has helped improve my overall body strength, confidence and body composition. Coach Don offers patience, encouragement and dedication to helping his clients master the techniques of boxing and/or kickboxing and achieving their overall fitness goal. Coach Don has something to offer for all skill levels and provides a comfortable, motivating and nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Coach Don is the real deal and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured!

Michael Vilard

I have known Don since 1999 when I started training with him. As a federal law enforcement officer I was always trying to improve my marital arts skills. I have had 8 instructors prior to Don and I can honestly say that Don was the best marital arts instructor I ever had. I have done training videos with him and I know that anyone who studies under him will learn a lot. He is the BEST

Lisa Sciacca

My name is Lisa Sciacca I am an office manager at a U.S. Customs Brokerage. I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sensei Don about 3 years ago. In that time I was a member of his Kickboxing school. What I learned and witnessed while training and learning to kickbox was a life changing experience. Dons level of knowledge and commitment to his students and members was very high. Our classes were tough, engaging and inspirational. We miss you Don and look forward to hearing of all you great successes.

Best, Lisa


After leaving the Marine Corp I was left with many emotions in the realm of anger, insecurity, aggression. With this I divulged into substance abuse thus affecting many relationships I had developed before the Marine Corps. It was difficult to find a job that would hire me due to the stigma employers thought that veterans were dangerous and loose cannons.

I was leaving a Sunday service at new covenant church when I met Don through a mutual friend. Don had talked about opening up a new school and was looking for personal trainers. Don was kind enough to bring me into his program to train me not only in his new program but also taught me Brazilian Jiu jistu. After training we would have hours long discussions ranging from Christianity of the modern time to business advancement. If it weren’t for Dons coaching on physical, spiritual, mental, and educational lessons I don’t believe I would be on the successful path that I’m currently pursuing .

SBH Jackson

I had worked 20 years in the NYPD before taking a job as security/ bouncer at a place in the Bronx NY. I had a backround in Martial Arts (Brown belt in Tar Kwon Do) but knew I needed to train because I was now working all alone at a place that was known for real trouble. I met Don in Golds gym and after talking to him over the course of a month or two I took up training with Don. I trained with Don for roughly 2 years. What I learned from Don were the skills I needed for real world scenarios that I was encountering at my new job.Don would let me incorporate real situations that I was finding myself in at the bar/ restaurant on a weekly if not daily basis in those first few years. It was truly as the saying goes, train like your gonna fight. I can’t express enough how being prepared and having the confidence that you can handle yourself actually helps you avoid a fight. I credit Dons training for me being able to work there for 13 1/2 years. I can honestly say you will be happy you choose him if the time comes where you must defend yourself.

Joe Powell

I have known Don for the past 14 years as a teacher, mentor and friend. Don is the best martial arts instructor i have ever met. He has such a breadth of knowledge in so many arts and the ability to translate them to real confrontational scenarios. He is always evaluating to see what works and what doesnt . He sees what is practical and what simply is ineffective. He is always learning and perfecting his craft with an open and diagnostic mind. I have developed confidence in my self in any scenario that i am exposed to , due to the intense training that Don has provided me with.

Equally as important is the type of person Don is. He is dedicated and genuinely cares about his students as well as his community. He takes the time to listen and learn about his students and Is willing to taylor his instruction based on the strengths and weaknesses of his students. This combination of interest, dedication and prolific knowledge of martial arts are what make Don Johnsen the type of instructor that you are a better martial artist as well as a better person when leaving his classes.