Filipino Stick Fighting

Lakewood Filipino Stick Fighting

A Texas City mixed martial arts program can help you ramp up your fitness level, enhance your self-defense skills, and promote mental acuity. Texas Best Personal Training is pleased to feature our Lakewood Filipino Stick Fighting program designed to help participants improve their skills whether they’re a newcomer to Texas City martial arts or have advanced skills. We attract clients from many areas of Texas, including Lakewood, TX Groves, Beaumont, Lumberton, and Port Neches. Discover the wealth of physical and mental health benefits that come with Lakewood Filipino Stick Fighting practice.

A form of combat and self-defense, Filipino stick fighting is a national martial art of The Philippines. Filipino martial arts emphasize the use of a weapon—in this case, a stick. Our Texas Best Personal Training instructors are experienced in the instruction of Lakewood Filipino Stick Fighting. Our instructors are adept at teaching Texas City mixed martial arts to people with varying degrees of skill.

Like many Texas City mixed martial arts programs, Filipino stick fighting offers many types of benefits. Participants can expect to progress in skill by practicing techniques that are integral to the discipline. There are also mental benefits such as stress relief, increased mental focus, and improved mood. Of course, self-defense is an important aspect of our Lakewood Filipino Stick Fighting program. With your newly found or improved skills, you are apt to feel more confident when out in the world on your own or with your family.

Is Lakewood Filipino Stick Fighting the right Texas City mixed martial arts program for you? Contact Texas Best Personal Training to discuss our martial arts and fitness programs. We can help you achieve your goals with our personalized training and instruction programs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Lisa Sciacca

My name is Lisa Sciacca I am an office manager at a U.S. Customs Brokerage. I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sensei Don about 3 years ago. In that time I was a member of his Kickboxing school. What I learned and witnessed while training and learning to kickbox was a life changing experience. Dons level of knowledge and commitment to his students and members was very high. Our classes were tough, engaging and inspirational. We miss you Don and look forward to hearing of all you great successes.

Trudy Miksits

I have never looked forward to going to the gym until I joined Best Fitness Kickboxing run by Coach Don Johnsen. Coach Don’s knowledge and pure passion for teaching has helped improve my overall body strength, confidence and body composition. Coach Don offers patience, encouragement and dedication to helping his clients master the techniques of boxing and/or kickboxing and achieving their overall fitness goal. Coach Don has something to offer for all skill levels and provides a comfortable, motivating and nonjudgmental atmosphere. Coach Don is the real deal and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured!

Michael Vilard

I have known Don since 1999 when I started training with him. As a federal law enforcement officer I was always trying to improve my marital arts skills. I have had 8 instructors prior to Don and I can honestly say that Don was the best marital arts instructor I ever had. I have done training videos with him and I know that anyone who studies under him will learn a lot. He is the BEST